Tony Robbins: WHAT’S YOUR WHY (Motivational Video)

This could be the greatest time you ever live. If you control what you focus on, if you find a more empowering meaning and if you decide to model the actions of those who succeeded before you, it can be the best financial time the best emotional time that a spiritual time of your life but you better take control of your state, and if you think you’re gonna do it just by today you’re wrong.

You’re gonna need to get yourself some rituals. Right now every one of you is controlled by your rituals, I mean every morning you get up. I know a fit person’s body, and let’s say you are a fit person. I can look at your body and I can guess your rituals. Some of you your rituals are to work out five times a week, I can see it clearly four to six times a week, it’s obvious.

Because you couldn’t look like that if you didn’t do that, some form of workout, I don’t care if it’s walking, lifting, whatever. For some it’s obvious that lifting weights was part of their rituals, because you can see this by the muscles they have built up. And in a case like that, I’d know what his rituals were because life comes from your rituals!

There are rituals that put you in special state, and there are rituals that take you out of a special state.  You have rituals in your relationship, you’ve got rituals with your body, and you have rituals that run your finances and the rituals that worked in the reaping time of fall and the markets and in business and in real estate, those rituals won’t work now. If you do the right thing at the wrong time, you get pain.

I’ll say that again, if you do the right thing at the wrong time you don’t get rewarded, you get pain. So you better do the right thing at the right time and to do that you better know what season you’re in, you do that you’re gonna learn how to change your state.