Super Useful Tips to Improve Life With the Power of Focus

power of focus

This may be the best time you have ever been able to live if you control what you focus on.

If you find your “for what” more enhancer, if you decide to follow, imitate or model the actions of those people who triumphed before you, it could be the best financial moment, the best emotional moment and the best spiritual moment of your life.

But it is better that you take control of the situation that you live on a daily basis and if you think that you will be able to do it in a single day, you are wrong. You are going to need some rituals. Right now, each one of us is controlled by habits, by one’s rituals, those actions that are often repeated again and again on a daily basis.

Every morning, when you get up, you develop some ritual: you get up, you exercise, you shower, you have breakfast, you brush your teeth and you get ready to go to work. If you exercise, as an outcome, your body can develop agility and strength.

If you have a routine of showering, your body will be clean of dry and dead skin and you will oxygenate, activate and feel more energized to start the day.

If you eat healthy, instead of taking a quick coffee, you will have provided nutrients to both your body and your brain and you will be in a better position to develop your work effectively.

Every act that you develop daily is part of a habit and habits cause results in our lives, for your benefit or to harm your physical, emotional, mental health.

The quality of your life depends on your rituals and if you do not believe this, you may be in denial.


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There are rituals, habits that put you in the right state and others that take you out of it. You have rituals for your body, for your relationships, for your finances.

The rituals that worked in the times of strong stock market crashes, in companies and in real estate markets, now do not work.

If you do the right thing at the wrong time what you get is suffering.

Why aren’t you receiving a reward if you do the right thing? You will ask yourself. I repeat: if you do the right thing at the wrong time what you get is pain, grief and suffering.

Then it is better that you do the right thing at the right time, so you will be free from staying stuck and suffering. Also, you will learn that it is easy and you can change your status.

How to take control of your own conditioning? That’s what we’re looking for, it makes sense, right?

I’ll show you how it can be changed. Try to do this in the next seconds.

Now is the time to train. I’ll show you what can be achieved by just focusing. We are going to create a little energy. Do this: look for something around you that has the color … brown, come on, yes, brown! Do it as fast as you can, look for objects with brown, brown, brown … and now close your eyes; I’ll give you a test. Say loudly all those things you saw around you that had “red” color If you see more brown things in your mind than red, say yes!

Now look at your surroundings and look for anything that has the color red, red, red, red, red …! Say now if you found more red things than brown, and if so, say yes!

Why did you see this time more red than brown? Why “search and find” You see, anything you focus on, you will find. You’ll even find something even if it’s not there! Let’s check it.

Did you also see a red vermilion around you, even if you did not say it? You see … whatever you are looking for you will find it.

If you want to change your life you have to change your body condition and you have to change your focus.

By the way, how fast can that be done? In a second! Once you change your conditioning, your condition is fast, instantaneous.

Now, try to do this, answer this question with total sincerity and honesty: What would you like to feel proud of in your life? What do you focus on to feel proud? How do you breathe to feel proud? How does your face look when you start to feel proud? How do you feel?

Now focus on an area of your life where you can feel grateful. If you still do not feel grateful, what would you like to feel like, grateful? What do you feel grateful for? What do you focus on to feel grateful? How do you feel when you really, are full of gratitude?

If you would like to be excited in your life, and want to be excited, and also want to alter the tendency of others, what would you feel excited about if you wanted? What could you be excited about if you really focused on that and really assumed it?

What can you get excited about? When you’re really excited, what is it that excites you? How do you feel? How you behave? How is your life? By the way, when you feel enthusiastic, don’t you tend to be closer to people?

Let’s see … how do you feel right now, right now, about how you felt just a few minutes ago? Do you feel much better? Why is this? Because power is controlled by questions.

If you constantly ask yourself the same question continuously, you will have a different answer. If you ask a foolish question, you will have a foolish answer and a fatal internal state.

Someone says Why does this always happen to me? It does not always happen to you, what happens is that the brain is like a computer. If you ask it a question, it has to come up with an answer!

Someone would say. How come I can never lose weight? You can lose weight, but if you continually ask your mind how you can never lose weight, your mind will respond … you do not have any will!

Remember: foolish questions provoke foolish answers. Ask yourself a better question and get a better answer.

So you can quickly change your Inner State. How fast? instantly. If you create the habit of doing it, you will have a different life!

The most powerful way to change your focus is through the questions. Ask yourself smart questions with focus and you will have powerful answers.

In this video, Tony Robbins talks about the power of focus and daily habits to achieve your goals: