Six Minutes To Success Review | Bob Proctor’s 6 Minute A Day Course Six minutes to success is a fantastic program from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher that I have the privilege to share with you. I was lost in life and had no direction. I ran into a youtube video much like this one and started learning more about Bob and who he was. After learning enough I decided to see what It was all about and bought this exact program. Every morning I would wake up to a video along with an audio copy and transcript. It literally took six minutes or less of time every morning and got me focused on what I needed to be focused on. It showed me how powerful Bob’s teaching techniques are which soon lead me to purchasing bigger and more in-depth coaching through Bob. My life went from no focus, motivation, or direction, to a life with definate direction, passion, and purpose in life again. I honest owe all of that to this program which broke the ice for me. I can’t say enough about Bob. It’s not that he teaches anything different, but it is how he teaches it and his methods work! You get even more advantage then I did as if you don’t agree with me or don’t like the program, then there is a 60 day money back guarantee. I don’t believe you will need or use it though as I speak from honest personal use. No fluff. You really have nothing to lose. If you go to the link you can at least watch Bob explain a little more what this program is all about. I really just wanted to share with you what helped change my life forever. Here is the link again:

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