Law of Attraction Tips: How to Manifest More of What You Want

Here are a few ways in which I use the law of attraction in my life. If you want more reasons to feel grateful for what you have, first be grateful for what you already have!

Every object attracts that which resembles itself

This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction, but how do we apply the Law of Attraction for prosperity and abundance for example?

Know the magnetic power of your thoughts and emotions. Nothing appears just because, we actually attract everything: money, jobs, business, relationships and opportunities.

Pay attention to what you are wanting: Focus on what you want to achieve; a job, a business, a project. It does not matter that the conditions of time and space are not given.

Experience a positive emotion: You can get what you want from any starting point. Money multiplies.

Decree with belief what you want in your personal life and workwise: We all have a seed of the inner divinity.

Surrender without setting conditions: You don’t have to set deadlines. Do not say you do not have money. Because if you do, you are essentially creating it that energy of “not having.”

Look for positive people: If there is someone in your life, it is because you have attracted them.

Gather the data and experiences of your real life to achieve your ideal life.

Your inner being manifests through the emotions: The thoughts must be in harmony with your inner being.

The 68-second technique of concentrating on positive thinking will activate the Law of Attraction for anything desirable, including money.
You must assume that you have already achieved what you wanted and talk as if it had already happened.

In your mind, you have the key that will open the doors of all riches. It eliminates thought that carries messages of poverty deprivation. Do not keep away the abundance of your life.

Abraham Hicks, one of the best spirituality teachers in the world today, explains that it is always difficult for us to express a desire without adding a pessimistic or contrary idea to its achievement.

For example: “I want a car but they are very expensive” or “I want to study psychology but I am already older”. The key, according to this technique, is precisely to erase that negative part.

Prosperity comes from the Universe, it is an immense ocean that belongs to us by inheritance. Ask, believe and receive so that abundance flows in our life.

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